QA Fusion, with its off-shore facility in Lahore, Pakistan, has consigned its TPO (Test Process Outsourcing) operation to provide the independent testing services to UK IT sector. QA Fusion develops and maintains strategic partnerships through our commitment to excellence, integrity with dedication and responsiveness.

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    About Us

    There is no replacement for human reasoning, which make manual testing services an irreplaceable part of QA testing. The process of manual testing starts with the first stage of development to ensure the precise analysis of the software product.


    There is a difference between Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing. QA is done on the product from the start of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to prevent the risk of bugs at the later stages of the development.

    QA Services

    The companies looking for quality products at a low cost and less time, QA Fusion recommends them the QA services. We will help to detect the bugs at an early development stage, and come up with a solution timely before they affect the product’s performance.

    Testing Services

    Testing is done after development. Our testers can contribute to test planning and designing while development is in progress. Once development is done, we can focus on the test case execution and generate a test report for decision makers to take decisions about the product delivery.


    Our Testers are of graduate calibre holding a minimum Bachelors degree. They initially undertake a 2 weeks training programme consisting of classroom and desk based training on the testing industry, testing methodology, testing levels and testing pyramid, automation testing in any language using BDD scenarios.

    Training course QA Fusion
    If the primary concern of the client is time, manual testing will help in delivering the product quickly. During this process, the requirements are not documented and as such test cases are not designed/developed subsequently. Rather, exploratory testing is done where testers are learning about the product and at the same time testing it so that they can attack the product’s areas where bugs can be found.
    As successful ex-testers we understand testing, how testing operate and what they look for in a software. We understand that “Time is of Essence” – a successful tester not only has to find the bug but also give suggestions before the end client find it – to improve the software quality.

    Economy – Considerable Cost Advantage up to 70% Productivity – We can instantly mobilize our manpower for your needs Quality – We work to international standards Enhance Company Focus – We appreciates a company’s need to focus on their core objectives Reliability – Onshore quality and reliability on offshore expense Flexibility – where your needs mould the services

    Software quality assurance lifecycle
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    software testing
    At QA Fusion, result matters! Logs are used for troubleshooting purposes in automation testing and to improve the results further, we take screenshots when the test script fails to assist in the improvement process. Test generation is an important step for decision makers/stakeholders to make a choice if the build is ready for further testing or not, based on how many test scripts are passed/failed. Usually, automation test scripts are run as Smoke tests or regression tests. Smoke testing means the product is ready for further testing and regression testing means product’s new functionality has not affected the old/current functionality. We can serve you in automation testing where we have to create a framework from scratch or where someone else has created a framework and you want us to add test scripts on top of the current framework.